American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

ABOS KSB-Program Directors and Program Coordinators

Program Directors/Program Coordinators


An Introduction to ABOS (video)

Program Onboarding
Introduction PowerPoint Onboarding Instructions How to Edit Your Resident List Tutorial (video)

How to Edit Your Faculty List Tutorial (video)

Instructional Resources and Templates
ABOS KSB Handbook (updated: 1/12/22) ABOS KSB FAQ Tier 1 Core Procedures & Tier 2 Subspecialty Procedures List
Program Participation Tutorials
How to View Your Program Participation Report Tutorial (video) How to View Assessment Activity Tutorial (video)

Resident and Program Performance
Resident Performance Program Report (video)

Milestones (video)

Surgical Skills Assessment Tutorials
Example Surgical Skills Assessment Questions How to View Assessments Per Resident Tutorial (video)

Professional Behavior Assessment Tutorials
Examples of Professional Behavior Assessment Questions



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