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Orthopaedic Surgeons Discuss the Importance of Board Certification and Maintenance of Certification


Compilation Video


Dr. Amy Ladd


Dr. Terry Thompson


Dr. Kyle Jeray


Dr. Norman Otsuka


Dr. Greg Guyton


Dr. Mark Swiontkowski


Dr. Charlie Yang


Dr. Frank Eismont


Dr. Rick Wright, ABOS Past President


Dr. Doug Lundy, ABOS Past President


Dr. Kristy Weber, AAOS Past President


Dr. David Halsey, AAOS Past President


Dr. Joseph Bosco, AAOS Past President


Dr. Scott Porter, ABOS Director


Dr. Ann Van Heest, ABOS Director


Dr. Donald Lee, ABOS Oral Examiner


Dr. Marlene DeMaio, ABOS Oral Examiner


Dr. Sergio Mendoza-Lattes, ABOS Diplomate


Dr. Sandeep Mannava, ABOS Diplomate




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