American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


All fees are non-refundable. All Professional Standing Update, Examination, and Late fees are paid by credit card.

Professional Standing Update and Credentialing Fees

Late fee $500
Those who submit their Professional Standing Update after the deadline but before the late deadline will automatically be charged the late fee. There is no need to contact the ABOS to request the late deadline.

Assessment Fees

Oral Examination $1,350 (Late Fee $500)
General Computer Examination $1,040
Practice-Profiled Computer Examination $1,040
Combined Surgery of the Hand Computer Examination $1,400
Combined Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Computer Examination $1,400
Combined Surgery of the Hand Oral $1,500 (Late Fee $500)
Combined Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Oral $1,500 (Late Fee $500)
ABOS WLA $260 per year of ABOS WLA participation
ABOS WLA $300 per year of ABOS WLA participation if hold a Subspecialty Certificate

Duplicate Certificate Fee


The ABOS mails certificates within 90 days of examination results being posted. If you have not received your certificate, please contact the ABOS. Any requests made more than 180 days after the results have been posted will incur a $100 fee.

MOC Max Fee

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) has instituted a “Maximum Fee Program” for our Diplomates participating in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program. While the ABOS has not raised fees for any program in over eight years, we have continued to develop Knowledge Assessment options for ABOS Diplomates. The Board wants to allow Diplomates the option to participate in the Knowledge Assessment Pathways of their choice, without having to consider the fees and without having to worry about a negative financial impact.

With that in mind, the ABOS has instituted a Maximum Fee for each Diplomate in each 10-year MOC cycle. Those Maximum Fees will include Application and Assessment Fees. The Maximum Fees for a 10-year MOC Cycle are as follows:

  • Diplomates with ABOS Board Certification in Orthopaedic Surgery: $2375 for each 10-year cycle
  • Diplomates who also hold an ABOS Subspecialty Certification (Orthopaedic Sports Medicine or Surgery of the Hand): $2575 for each 10-year cycle

The fees are a total of the Professional Standing Update and Assessment Fees, which will continue to be paid separately. However, those are the maximum fees that a Diplomate will see in 10 years except for late fees, which are imposed by missing an initial deadline.

This new policy will allow ABOS Diplomates to participate in the ABOS Knowledge Assessment Pathway of their choice without having to worry about fees if they would like to move from pathway to pathway. The ABOS strives to be innovative in making programs more valuable to our Diplomates while controlling costs and keeping fees as low as possible.


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