American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Application Instructions

For more information, including a link to the Rules and Procedures, click here. Applications and the Case List must be finalized and the Application Fee must be submitted online by 4 pm ET on November 2, 2020. There is a late deadline of 4 pm ET on November 16, 2020, with an additional $350 late fee. Upon completion of the online Application, finalize your Application in the system, and pay the non-refundable Application Fee online with a credit card. After payment successfully goes through, you will be emailed a receipt. You will also receive an email that your Application has been received. If you do not receive an Application confirmation receipt, you may not have finalized successfully. Please contact your ABOS Certification Specialist.

Complete information must be provided for all items. If an item doesn’t apply to you, leave it blank. To access the Application, log in to your ABOS Dashboard and click on the Recertification Schedule button.

If you cannot meet the 35 operative Case List minimum requirement within one calendar year, you must contact the ABOS office before you begin the Application and Case List process.

The Application cannot be finalized until your Case List is finalized. The Scribe Case List Tool is found on your Diplomate Dashboard by scrolling to the Part 4 section and clicking on “Go To Case List.” To view the Case List requirements and how to create your Case List, view this page. Your Case List Certification Page must be uploaded into the Scribe Case List Tool after the required signatures have been obtained. Click on the case list hospital name to reach the link to upload the signed certification page in .PDF format.

If your Application and required documents are complete when they are submitted online, you will be notified by the ABOS via email AFTER your Application and Case Lists have been processed (usually 2-3 weeks). If the Application is not complete, you will receive an email asking for you to either enter missing information or to change incorrect information. In April 2021, you will be notified that your Application has been approved/not approved by the Credentials Committee and what your next steps are.

It is your responsibility to notify the ABOS office of any change to your address, email address, practice association, status of hospital privileges, and/or hospital affiliation (including new affiliations you may acquire) that occurs after you have submitted your Application.

Prior to starting the Application, the ABOS recommends having the following items available to save time:

1. Medical License(s)—State/province, number, and original date obtained for all licenses held since most recent Certification or Recertification.

2. Current hospital appointments

a. Current (from this year) letter from each current hospital/surgery center medical staff office indicating your original appointment date and type. Reappointment or original appointment letters will not be accepted.

b. Name and email address for the Chief of Staff, Chief of Orthopaedics, and Chief of Surgery. Email addresses are required to enable the ABOS to send peer review evaluations. Please do not list their administrative assistant’s email; peer reviews must be done by your Chiefs.

3. Previous hospital appointments since last certification/recertification (if applicable). Current letter from each previous hospital/surgery center medical staff office since last certification/recertification indicating your original appointment date and type and that you left in good standing.

4. All office practice locations since most recent Certification or Recertification, beginning with most current practice location first.

a. Dates of practice at each location.
b. Name and email address of partners for each practice location (12 maximum).

  • do not list yourself if you are in solo practice
  • if practice partners are retired and you do not have an email address for them, please do not list them. Each partner must have an email address or else the application cannot be finalized.

5. Names of five ABOS Diplomates in your geographical practice area not previously listed on this Application who are familiar with your work, but not in your practice. Please list Diplomates that are outside of your practice within a 50 mile geographic radius that you consulted with or referred patients. They will be contacted for Peer Review. You do not need to know their email addresses as there is a pulldown menu.


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