American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Retired Status Policy

Current ABOS Diplomates who are no longer engaged in the active practice of orthopaedic surgery and who have ended their professional career are eligible to establish Retired Status with the ABOS. This status is intended for surgeons who are no longer active in practice in any capacity. These individuals may not be treating patients and may not be supervising residents or others in providing patient care. This status is also not applicable for individuals functioning in an administrative role and utilizing ABOS Board Certification status.

To apply for ABOS Retired Status, an ABOS Diplomate must satisfy the following:

  1. ABOS Board Certified in good standing at the time of retirement
  2. Have a valid and unrestricted medical license at the time of retirement
  3. Have no disciplinary actions pending against your license or ABOS Board Certification at the time of retirement
  4. Be Participating in ABOS Maintenance of Certification (MOC) at the time of retirement, unless your ABOS Board Certification was not time limited
  5. Attest to complete disengagement from patient care, and any activity that requires ABOS Board Certification, including medicolegal activities
  6. Other factors may also affect the application for this status

Individuals who establish ABOS Retired Status will not be considered to be ABOS Board Certified. The official status will be listed on the ABOS website and reported to the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) as “Not Board Certified, Retired in Good Standing.” The ABOS website will also report a Diplomate’s ABOS Board Certification history. Any inquiry received by the ABOS as to the Diplomate’s certification status will be informed that he or she is considered Retired, and that this status is intended only for Diplomates who are no longer active in practice in any capacity.

Retired ABOS Diplomates who decide to change their status and return to active practice would need to complete the ABOS Re-Entry process to regain ABOS Board Certification.


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