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ABOS Data for Research

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) permits researchers to use select ABOS Part II Oral Examination Case List data from Candidate submissions for research projects. Anyone seeking to use ABOS data must submit a research proposal to the ABOS Research Committee. Please note: Maintenance of Certification Case Lists data are not available.

The ABOS Research Committee considers proposals twice annually. Proposals must be received by May 15 or November 15. Notification of the status of a proposal will be made within six-eight weeks of the deadline.

Applicants should review the list of previously approved projects. Studies similar to those that have been approved in the last five years will generally not be considered for approval.

Please review and utilize the following documents prior to submitting a proposal:

  1. Select ABOS Candidate Data Available
  2. ABOS Research Proposal Format
  3. ABOS Research Policy
  4. ABOS Research Disclaimer

To better understand data available to you, review these two documents that outline what is available in Case Lists.

If approved, a $2,800 fee is required to cover IT and data management expenses. It will take approximately 60-90 days after the ABOS receives payment for you to receive the data.

Proposals may be sent to Mona Saniei.


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