American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

The Diplomate E-Newsletter Winter 2022

Posted On: January 26, 2022

President’s Message

Welcome to this special edition of The Diplomate recognizing our dedicated ABOS Volunteers.

Every year, the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) depends on hundreds of volunteers to write and review questions for our Part I Certification and 10 Computer-Based Recertification Examinations and to serve as Examiners for our Part II and Oral Recertification Examinations. This committed group of volunteers comes from across the country, representing all practice settings, subspecialties, and diversity within our profession.

Our volunteers are all practicing orthopaedic surgeons. The Board greatly appreciates the commitment of these dedicated individuals, most of whom have been engaged for years, for taking valuable time away from their practices and families to help develop and support our programs and processes.

The ABOS Directors all continue to serve in similar capacities as our volunteers. It is our privilege to work alongside so many talented colleagues who share in the Board’s commitment to uphold the standards of our profession for the benefit of our patients thru rigorous certification and recertification processes.

As you read this issue, please make note of those who are listed and join us in saying “Thanks”, if you get the chance. Also, think about becoming an ABOS Volunteer yourself. It is a rewarding way to serve our profession and our patients.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the ABOS office or to me at

Gregory A. Mencio, MD
President, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


Executive Medical Director’s Report

For more than 20 years, I have seen firsthand the importance of volunteers to the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS). From my start with the ABOS as a Question Writer and an Oral Examiner in the late 1990s and early 2000s to now working with ABOS Volunteers in my current role as Executive Medical Director of the ABOS, I know that volunteers are vital, and the ABOS could not accomplish our mission without them. For orthopaedic surgeons, volunteering with the ABOS is a worthwhile opportunity to consider.

As a volunteer, I thoroughly enjoyed being a Question Writer, an Oral Examiner, and a Case Selector. When I first started as an Oral Examiner, ABOS Part II Candidates were still bringing paper charts and hard copy x-rays to the Examination. I have seen over time how the ABOS has introduced technology to make the Examination more consistent. The ABOS Oral Examination process is one that other Medical Boards emulate. That would not be possible without our volunteers and their feedback. It is amazing to think that some of the ABOS Part II Candidates I examined early on may now be Oral Examiners themselves!

Starting in 2005, I became a member of the ABOS Board of Directors. Being an ABOS Director was an amazing 10-year experience. The ABOS Board is a dedicated, hardworking group of orthopaedic surgeons (with one Public Member). It is gratifying to know that the Board makes a difference in helping improve ABOS programs and processes, which in turn benefits our patients. ABOS Directors are volunteers who spend up to 30 days/month away from their families and practices in serving the ABOS. ABOS Directors are nominated by three organizations: the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Orthopaedic Association, and the American Medical Association.

Throughout my ABOS volunteer experience, I have formed lifelong friendships and gained trusted colleagues. Being an ABOS Volunteer is certainly one of the highlights of my orthopaedic career, having given me the opportunity to serve with incredibly talented individuals across our field in working to always “do the right thing.”

Shortly after my term on the Board ended, I was asked to become the ABOS Executive Medical Director. While no longer an ABOS volunteer, I continue to work closely with that talented group. Earlier this month I was in New York for the ABOS Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Question-Writing Task Force meeting. It was a great group working together to make sure all sports medicine-related questions on upcoming ABOS examinations represent knowledge that practicing orthopaedic surgeons should possess. Whether in-person or, especially in the last two years, through Zoom, I have gotten to see firsthand the hard work of our volunteers. My strong message to that incredible group is, “Thank you for all that you do!”

I urge everyone to consider becoming an ABOS volunteer. Our staff can answer any questions that you have, and I am personally happy to talk with you about the opportunities. Feel free to reach out to me at

David F. Martin, MD
Executive Medical Director, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


ABOS Volunteer Opportunities

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) offers many different volunteer opportunities, and the ABOS is always looking for new volunteers. If you are interested in becoming an ABOS Volunteer, you first need to complete the ABOS Volunteer Form, which you can access through your ABOS Diplomate Dashboard by clicking on “Volunteer” on the left side of the dashboard. You will need to complete the brief form and attach your CV. You will be contacted when there are possible positions open for you.

You can read brief descriptions of all the opportunities below. In addition, the ABOS Podcast features interviews with volunteers for most of these opportunities. These volunteers share their ABOS Volunteer experience in their own words on these popular podcasts. You can listen on most major podcast apps or at

Oral Examiner
Oral examiners spend four days in Chicago administering the ABOS Oral Examination to Part II Candidates as well as those Diplomates recertifying through an Oral Examination pathway.

Oral Examination Case List Selectors
Case List Selectors review the Case Lists of Oral Examination Examinees and choose the 12 Selected Cases that will be reviewed at the Oral Examination.

Computer (Written) Examination Blueprint Editor
Prior to creating a new examination, a blueprint must be written to determine the subject matter that reflects a job task analysis in the subspecialty being examined. These volunteers provide information that allows each examination to be relevant and reflective of orthopaedic practice.

Computer (Written) Examination Item Writer
Each question on each ABOS examination is submitted for consideration and reviewed by a group of subject matter experts. Question writers work through the question creation process with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and then attend a meeting of the Question Writing Task Force in the Spring to finalize questions for ABOS examinations.

Computer (Written) Examination Field Test Task Force (FTTF) Member
Once an examination is created, each item is reviewed by Field Test Task Force members. The FTTF then meets and reviews the examination as a finished product.

Computer (Written) Examination Standard Setting Evaluator
After each written examination is administered, each question is evaluated by a group of Diplomates in conjunction with psychometricians at the National Board of Medical Examiners.


Recognizing Volunteers

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) has started a new ABOS Volunteer Recognition Program. ABOS Volunteers should have already received an email from the ABOS. In this first year, all volunteers will receive the special opportunities listed below. Going forward, ABOS Volunteers will be honored as they achieve milestone years of 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20.

The new recognition program includes the following:

  • Select a gift of your choice from the ABOS Awards Network
  • Personalized certificate
  • Opportunity to get a press release template or letter to your department chair/institution
  • Recognition in The Diplomate

If you are an ABOS Volunteer and did not receive an email from us, please send an email to


Why Volunteer?

“I have had the privilege of volunteering for almost 20 years. I have received much more than I have given, made many wonderful friends along the way and it was a wonderful way of giving back to our profession, serving something larger than myself or career.”
Dr. Nancy M. Cummings
Sports Medicine
Rockwood, Maine

“I volunteered to be a Board Examiner at the invitation of another examiner, who told our local society that 98% of us do a good job, 1% are superstars, and 1%are not competent. Our job is to help ensure that society is protected from that 1% as judged by the 98% of us that go to work every day to serve our patients the best we can. At the time, there were few if any examiners with Spanish surnames. I wanted to be part of the changing demographics of our profession. However, when I examine a candidate, I am blind to ethnicity, race, or gender and judge only on ability and performance, as it should be in our wonderful country. And I am not afraid to challenge the 1% of superstars. I was raised by a lawyer and taught to ask poignant questions, which is what we do to explore a candidate’s depth of knowledge and the application thereof.”
Dr. Mayo J Galindo Jr
Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle
San Antonio, Texas

“I am committed to medical education and serve as a residency and fellowship program director. Volunteering for the Board as a question writer and oral examiner is part of the next step in the continuing education process. It is both educational for me and gratifying to participate in this important aspect of our specialty.”
Dr. Melvyn Harrington
Arthroplasty Surgeon
Houston, TX

“I think most of us feel very fortunate to be able to practice orthopaedic surgery. We provide an invaluable service for our patients. My participation in the ABOS process to ensure that our next generation of orthopaedists provides excellent, ethical, and skilled care is one of the most gratifying things that I do. Volunteering for the ABOS offers us the opportunity to give back to the profession that we highly value and to promote ongoing high quality orthopaedic care.”
Dr. Donald H. Lee
Hand and Upper Extremity
Nashville, TN

“Serving as an ABOS examiner has been perhaps the most rewarding activity of my professional career. As a private-practice orthopaedic surgeon, I provide a valuable perspective when assessing the quality of new surgeons, most of whom are community based. In return I have a chance to interact with bright young people, and occasionally learn a few new tricks! But most important is the camaraderie with other dedicated examiners. Despite long days of examining, in the evening old friendships are strengthened and new bonds are developed.”
Dr. Alexandra Page
Foot & Ankle
San Diego, CA

“Volunteering for the ABOS is my way of having a positive impact on so many more patients than just my own. Helping maintain the standards of board certification improves quality of care and patient outcomes across the country.”
Dr. Milo Sewards
Sports Medicine
Philadelphia, PA

“I serve as a volunteer for the ABOS because I want to ensure that future orthopaedic patients continue to be treated by well-trained, competent, and compassionate orthopaedic surgeons. It is my way of ‘giving back’ to the public, that has placed tremendous trust in our specialty’s ability to care for their musculoskeletal health.”
Dr. Dan Wascher
Sports Medicine
Albuquerque, NM


Thank You!

Thank you to our 700+ volunteers, many of whom have been serving the ABOS for decades!

30+ Years
A Herbert Alexander
Frank J Eismont
Mark C Gebhardt
James R Roberson
Herbert S Schwartz
Peter J Stern

25-29 Years
Michael F Coscia
Maureen A Finnegan
Kathleen A McHale
Marc F Swiontkowski

20-24 Years
Stephen A Albanese
Philip S Anson
Michael E Berkeley
Charles Carroll
Mark D Chilton
Dennis C Chin
Richard J D’Ascoli
Thomas A DeCoster
Nabil A Ebraheim
Marybeth Ezaki
Thomas J Fischer
Kevin L Garvin
Alan G Greenwald
Christopher D Harner
George D Harrington
John P Heiner
Michelle A James
John H Kavanaugh
Donald H Lee
Randall T Loder
John D Lubahn
Shearwood J McClelland
Vincent D Pellegrini
John R Raskind
Peter T Remec
Peter B Salamon
Charles L Saltzman
Robert C Schenck
Wayne J Sebastianelli
John M Siliski
Stephen R Southworth

15-19 Years
Edward Abraham
Michael M Alexiades
Frederick M Azar
Thomas L Bernasek
David S Bethune
Robert D Blasier
George W Brindley
Charles R Clark
Michael W Crane
Karen S Duane
Patrick J Getty
Wayne M Goldstein
Shepard R Hurwitz
Matthew D Kay
Joseph B Koscielniak
Adolph V Lombardi
Anne J Miller
Regis J O’Keefe
Terrance D Peabody
Peter E Rork
John G Seiler
Terry L Thompson
W Timothy Ward
Daniel C Wascher
Scott D Weiner
F Todd Wetzel

10-14 Years
Louis C Almekinders
Annunziato Amendola
Douglas G Armstrong
Judith F Baumhauer
Michael S Bednar
Gregory M Behm
Craig A Beyer
Robert J Bielski
Brett R Bolhofner
Adam S Bright
Robert D Bronstein
David L Cannon
James E Carpenter
Maurice D Cates
John J Coen
Dana C Covey
Nancy M Cummings
Richard S Davidson
Ronald E Delanois
Marlene DeMaio
Sanford E Emery
Janos P Ertl
Frederick C Flandry
Mayo J Galindo
Timothy A Garvey
Charles E Giangarra
Stanley C Graves
Kim W Hammerberg
Richard J Hayek
Scott W Helmers
Mary L Ireland
Joseph P Jackson
Kyle J Jeray
Paul J Juliano
R Kumar Kadiyala
James R Kasser
James F Kellam
Colleen A Kennedy
David H Kim
John S Kirkpatrick
Sheldon S Lin
John P Lubicky
Douglas W Lundy
James K Maguire
J Lawrence Marsh
Daniel P Mass
Gregory P McComis
Geoffrey M Miller
Peter M Murray
Paul T Naylor
Charles L Nelson
John M Olsewski
Norman Y Otsuka
Alexandra E Page
Albert W Pearsall
Miguel A Pirela-Cruz
Kenneth D Polivy
Bonhomme J Prud’homme
Matthew D Putnam
Mark D Rahm
Bruce Reider
Charles E Rhoades
Randall R Robbins
Paul T Rubery
Sanjeev Sabharwal
David L Samani
Roy W Sanders
Jonathan L Schaffer
William J Shaughnessy
Judith W Smith
Jeffery L Stambough
David R Steinberg
Peter F Sturm
James P Sutherland
Samuel D Temple
H Thomas Temple
David C Templeman
Steven M Theiss
Brian C Toolan
Andrew G Urquhart
Thomas P Vail
Bradley K Vaughn
Gregory A Vrabec
Russell A Wagner
Keith L Wapner
Arnold-Peter C Weiss
Philip G Wilcox
Philip R Wolinsky
Michael J Wolohan
Rick W Wright
Ronald W Wyatt
John S Xenos
Daniel M Zinar

5-9 Years
William A Abdu
Robert H Ablove
Jaimo Ahn
Nicholas U Ahn
John G Anderson
Paul M Apyan
April D Armstrong
Edward D Arrington
Fred L Avery
Joseph Benevenia
Mark J Berkowitz
Donald E Bittner
Kevin P Black
Martin I Boyer
Thomas L Bradbury
John K Bradway
Robert S Burger
Michelle S Caird
Craig D Cameron
Lisa K Cannada
Allen L Carl
Eric W Carson
Mark F Clapper
Terry A Clyburn
Dan S Cohen
Hal S Crane
Charles E Craven
Jon R Davids
Gurvinder S Deol
John A DiPreta
Paul J Dougherty
William C Doukas
James R Ficke
Daniel N Fish
John M Flynn
Timothy E Foster
Edward J Fox
Steven L Frick
Paul B Gladden
Charles A Goldfarb
John T Gorczyca
Gregory P Graziano
Jeffrey A Greenberg
Bruce L Greene
Steven I Grindel
Purnendu Gupta
Ranjan Gupta
Gregory P Guyton
Langdon A Hartsock
Paul J Hecht
Michael H Heggeness
John G Heller
Paul P Hospodar
Paul M Huddleston
Michael H Huo
Craig L Israelite
Joshua J Jacobs
David M Jemison
Darren L Johnson
David Joseph
Kenneth A Jurist
James D Kang
Ian Katz
Brian F Kavanagh
Alan T Kawaguchi
James A Keeney
Keith Kenter
Jeffrey S Kneisl
Scott H Kozin
Amy L Ladd
Dawn M LaPorte
Francis Y Lee
Jackson Lee
Thomas H Lee
Simon Lee
George D Letson
Fraser J Leversedge
Valerae O Lewis
Kevin J Liudahl
Steven C Ludwig
Steven T Lyons
Reginald E Manning
Gregg C Mason
Joel L Mayerson
Dennis P McGowan
Gregory A Mencio
Benjamin J Miller
Stuart D Miller
Lawrence S Miller
James F Mooney
Michael P Mott
Michael S Murphy
Sanjiv H Naidu
Soheil Najibi
Ronald A Navarro
Thomas E Nelson
Jeffrey B Neustadt
James T Ninomiya
William T Obremskey
Mary I O’Connor
Steven A Olson
Daniel F O’Neill
James M Osborn
Andrew W Parker
Theodore W Parsons
Vikas V Patel
Michael L Pearl
Mark D Perry
Steve A Petersen
Geoffrey I Phillips
Mathew W Pombo
Scott E Porter
Thomas A Rago
Raj D Rao
Timothy B Rapp
Kevin A Raskin
Bernard A Rawlins
William J Richardson
David Ring
Marco Rizzo
David S Ruch
John T Ruth
Thomas G Ryan
Kulvinder Sachar
Khaled J Saleh
Paul M Saluan
John F Sarwark
Richard M Schwend
David W Seidman
Gene W Shaffer
Asit K Shah
Francis H Shen
Douglas M Shepard
Joseph D Smucker
Anthony A Stans
John K Starr
Kim L Stearns
Robert S Sterling
Payam Tabrizi
Michael A Thompson
Pedro J Tort-Saade
Richard L Uhl
Rahul Vaidya
Heather A Vallier
Ann E Van Heest
Chris Vasilakis
Brian N Victoroff
Jeffrey C Wang
Steven B Waskow
Kristin L Weber
Douglas R Weikert
Roland H Winter
Jennifer M Wolf
Delwyn J Worthington
Michael R Zindrick
Bruce H Ziran
Mimi A Zumwalt

1-4 Years
Sam Akhavan
Jay C Albright
Peter C Amadio
Edward R Anderson
Michael E Angeline
Peter J Apel
Alexandre Arkader
Ferhan A Asghar
David M Ashkenaze
David E Asprinio
Edward A Athanasian
Aravind Athiviraham
Darryl A Auston
Raffi S Avedian
Bhajanjit S Bal
Roy E Bands
Michael B Banffy
Jennifer S Barr
Richard S Barton
Robert L Bass
Matthew D Beal
Michael J Beebe
Claire F Beimesch
John-Erik Bell
Michael J Beltran
David M Bennett
Janet S Biermann
James B Billys
Julie Y Bishop
Michael Blankstein
Philip E Blazar
Eric M Bluman
Yelena Bogdan
James W Bogener
Donald R Bohay
Deborah C Bohn
Kamal I Bohsali
John A Bojescul
Douglas F Bolda
Matthew J Bollier
Rajshri M Bolson
Christopher M Bono
Mathias P Bostrom
Deanna M Boyette
Jonathan P Braman
Joanna G Branstetter
Brian K Brighton
Jorge L Brito
Darrel S Brodke
Jeffrey J Brooks
Gregory A Brown
Dennis M Brown
Laura M Bruse
Hugh M Bryan
Susan V Bukata
Kelton M Burbank
Brandon D Bushnell
Edward L Cain
Cory L Calendine
James L Carey
Emily E Carmody
Gregory G Caronis
Donald R Carr
Eben A Carroll
Ryan C Cassidy
Paul C Celestre
Peter N Chalmers
James T Chandler
Caroline M Chebli
Abhinav B Chhabra
Samuel K Cho
Joone H Choi
Loretta B Chou
Norman B Chutkan
Michael G Ciccotti
Denis R Clohisy
Paul S Cooper
Andrew J Cosgarea
John G Costouros
Dennis G Crandall
Christopher S Cranford
Robert A Creighton
Randall W Culp
Oscar J Currie
Bruce V Darden
Vinod Dasa
Michael D Daubs
John A Davis
Charles M Davis
Charles S Day
Lisa T DeGnore
Gregory J Della Rocca
Samuel G Dellenbaugh
James A Delullo
Gregory L DeSilva
Matthew R DiCaprio
Benedict F DiGiovanni
Parker L Dillin
Frank R DiMaio
Robert M Dimick
David J Dixon
Matthew B Dobbs
Seth D Dodds
Gregory F Domson
Thomas K Donaldson
Aram M Donigian
Daniel J Downey
Jonathan Dubin
Todd J Duellman
Jeffrey R Dugas
Michael J Dunn
Xavier A Duralde
John S Early
Patrick B Ebeling
Craig P Eberson
Andrew M Ebert
Kostas J Economopoulos
Eric W Edmonds
Robert A Erdin
Justin Ernat
Robert J Esther
Daniel C Farber
Gregory K Faucher
Michael D Feldman
John J Fernandez
Adolph S Flemister
Thomas M Florack
Gregory J Folsom
Jonathan A Forsberg
Paul T Fortin
John C France
Mark A Frankle
John T Friedland
Harold M Frisch
Michael F Fry
John P Furia
Gregory G Gallant
Robert A Gallo
Nickolas G Garbis
Jeffrey P Garrett
Richard E Gayle
Joseph W George
Joseph A Gerardi
Tad L Gerlinger
Alexander J Ghanayem
Shawn R Gilbert
Scott D Gillogly
Hubert L Gooch
Kenneth W Graf
Daniel W Green
Jerry S Grimes
Gordon I Groh
George N Guild
Stuart T Guthrie
Christina J Gutowski
Bettina M Gyr
Steven L Haddad
John C Hagedorn
Richard E Haigler
John J Halki
Matthew F Halsey
Benjamin J Hansen
Melvyn A Harrington
Adam I Harris
Ryan K Harrison
Robert A Hart
Gregory P Harvey
Samuel M Hawken
Rex C Haydon
William L Hennrikus
Stuart H Hershman
Nathan A Hoekzema
Joseph Horton
W Bartley Hosick
Pooya Hosseinzadeh
Matthew T Houdek
Ronald R Hugate
Casey J Humbyrd
Mark R Hutchinson
Richard A Hynes
Sandra J Iannotti
David W Irvine
Paul S Issack
Henry J Iwinski
David S Jevsevar
Charles M Jobin
Wayne A Johnson
Michael D Johnson
Anish R Kadakia
Christopher C Kaeding
Steven M Kane
Matthew D Karam
Lori A Karol
Jonathan P Keeve
Anne M Kelly
John D Kelly
Shyam Kishan
Benjamin P Kleinhenz
Thomas M Koenig
Monica Kogan
Edward H Kolb
Beau S Konigsberg
Stephen A Kottmeier
Robert C Kramer
James C Krieg
Chad A Krueger
Aaron J Krych
Richard A Kube
Andrew F Kuntz
Louis M Kwong
Paul F Lachiewicz
Paul M Lafferty
Gwo-Chin Lee
Cassandra A Lee
Olivia C Lee
William N Levine
Brett R Levine
Xinning Li
Terry R Light
Moe R Lim
Carol A Lin
Dieter M Lindskog
Tzu-Shang T Liu
Chad L Loup
Pamela C Luk
Chunbong B Ma
John C Macy
Usha S Mani
Steven M Mardjetko
David C Markel
William R Martin
Joseph A Martino
Jeffrey E Martus
Rakesh P Mashru
Matthew J Matava
Craig S Mauro
James H Maxwell
Edward R McDevitt
Edward B McDonough
Sean V McGarry
Timothy P McHenry
Scott D McKay
Alexander C McLaren
John B Meding
Eric G Meinberg
Jeffrey S Meisles
Alfonso Mejia
Sergio A Mendoza-Lattes
Gregory J Menio
Bradley R Merk
Kimberly K Mezera
Mark A Mighell
William M Mihalko
Anna N Miller
Bryan S Moon
Grayson A Moore
Patrick M Morgan
Carol D Morris
Michael W Moser
Joseph T Moskal
Mary K Mulcahey
Brian H Mullis
John W Munz
Joshua D Namm
Alan S Nasar
David T Neuman
Duong H Nguyen
Gregory P Nowinski
Dylan Nugent
Lukas M Nystrom
Todd M O’Brien
Jeffrey T O’Brien
Kathryn M O’connor
Carl O Ollivierre
Cedric J Ortiguera
Mark P Pallis
Vinod K Panchbhavi
Shital N Parikh
Hari K Parvataneni
Alpesh A Patel
Joshua C Patt
William J Petersilge
Daniel T Phelan
Frank M Phillips
Kristan A Pierz
Alejandro E Pino
Gregory G Polkowski
James A Pollard
Frank J Pompo
Maya E Pring
Themistocles S Protopsaltis
Bertram C Providence
Aki S Puryear
Hiram M Quitkin
Sheeraz A Qureshi
Kristen E Radcliff
Rajiv Rajani
Matthew L Ramsey
Craig J Randall
Anita G Rao
Afshin E Razi
Sudheer C Reddy
Harold W Rees
Tom E Reinsel
Mark T Reis
Charles A Reitman
Peter C Rhee
Eric T Ricchetti
Jeffrey H Richmond
Howard S Richter
Christopher J Roach
Stephen E Robbins
Karl C Roberts
Craig S Roberts
Daniel A Romanelli
Tamara D Rozental
Leo M Rozmaryn
Lee E Rubin
Kevin M Rumball
Andrew W Ryan
Scott D Sagerman
Matthew J Salzler
Stephen D Sandoval
Robert D Santrock
Jason W Savage
Felix H Savoie
Arjun Saxena
Danielle L Scher
Adam P Schiff
Gregory J Schmeling
Richard G Schmidt
Matthew R Schmitz
Philip L Schneider
Bradley S Schoch
Gregory D Schroeder
Arnold M Schwartz
Joseph M Sewards
Christopher I Shaffrey
Adam B Shafritz
Nirav A Shah
Om Prakash Sharma
Kevin G Shea
John H Shim
Robert B Simpson
Andrew W Simpson
Vamsi M Singaraju
Hillel D Skoff
Harvey E Smith
Jeffrey T Spang
Kevin P Speer
Hillel Sperling
William R Spiker
Charles E Spingola
Peter D Stein
John M Stogin
Jason A Strelzow
Allston J Stubbs
Steven J Svoboda
Todd M Swenson
Sean Tabaie
Lisa A Taitsman
Sudeep Taksali
Vishwas R Talwalkar
Eric W Tan
Tony Y Tannoury
Kenneth F Taylor
Nirmal Tejwani
Joshua N Tennant
Ruth L Thomas
Michael A Thompson
Thomas W Throckmorton
Fotios P Tjoumakaris
Paul Tornetta
Creighton C Tubb
David J Tulipan
John M Turnbull
Wakenda k Tyler
Grietje Van Dyk
Scott E Van Valin
Jennifer L Vanderbeck
Kelly L VanderHave
Jed S Vanichkachorn
Thomas F Varecka
Andrew J Veitch
Matthew T Wallace
Eric F Walsh
Angela A Wang
Christina M Ward
Jeffry T Watson
Brian G Webb
Mark Weidenbaum
Lawrence E Weiss
Andrew B Weiss
Glenn D Wera
David E Westberry
Joseph L Whalen
Paul A Whatley
Ryan E Will
Seth K Williams
Jennifer J Winell
Jeffrey C Wint
Brian R Wolf
Adam L Wollowick
Montri D Wongworawat
Barrett I Woods
Karen Wu
Naiping M Xu
Suzanne M Yandow
Charlie C Yang
Jason Y Ye
Edward H Yian
Khalid M Yousuf
David S Zelouf
Robert D Zura


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